OPTICKS is an experimental projection/light art initiative based in Hamilton, ON. We host monthly ‘sessions’ on the last Saturday of each month, from 4PM-8PMish at rotating locations. Join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram for month-to-month event details. It’s a casual timeline – come by when & if you can.

OPTICKS is a group designed to be a fun, all-inclusive, ‘open lab’ style meet-up where everyone is free to explore, create, experiment, collaborate, geek out, learn, etc. We are also hoping to use each get-together as an excuse to build a collective projected assemblage of sorts for the fun of it. On the fly. No pressure or expectations.

Bring whatever you would like to tinker with. Digital or analog projectors, cameras, video gadgets, cables, monitors, power bars, flashlights + shiny objects etc. – any tools you want to bring that you can either create or display something with. Or just bring yourself with an open mind if you’d like to learn from others about stuff like this.

‘OPTICKS’ was a book written by Sir Isaac Newton, in which he examines the “reflections, refractions, inflections and colours of light”. We felt this, in it’s simplest form, is what we all share as a common interest when exploring video/projection arts. It’s a fitting name for us to explore, experiment, create, and learn under.

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Questions? You can also reach out to us here: hamiltonopticks@gmail.com